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It’s more than capturing images…it’s capturing hearts…


This program designed to capture your child as they move through the ever-changing stages of life.


Stage 1...Babyhood

Babyhood is so special, yet one that passes quickly. Every day is a first... first smile, first tooth, first words, and first faltering steps. Be sure to take the time to capture each of these ages in this journey through time.


Age: newborn-3 months: Babies at this age love seeing Mom and Dad's face more than anything else, so we suggest a portrait which enables us to come in close and showcase the intimate relationship developing between Mom, Dad, and baby. We often feature Dad in this portrait because he has bigger and rougher hands which create stunning imagery when holding a newborn or very young infant.


Age: 6-9 months: This age is the essence of babyhood! Getting close to their one year birthday, babies at this age are increasingly aware of their surroundings. They are cuddly, yet want to be independent. At this age we suggest an individual baby portrait as baby is strong enough to sit up and explore the world around them. With nothing else to distract, their personality shines through as they giggle and "pose." This is also one of the last times we incorporate photographing your baby nude.


Age: 12 months: Active could best describe this age! Crawling, walking, and climbing... this age is on the move! Because of the activity of this age, we suggest a portrait including the entire family while spotlighting the baby. We often feature Mom in this portrait as this is the culmination of the first of many milestones that baby will reach.


The world of toddlers is filled with portrait opportunities that capture the mystery and fantasy that are so much a part of these joyful days of discovery and make-believe that fade so soon…


Stage 2...The Toddler

Having a toddler is probably the most challenging and rewarding times as a parent. The toddler now responds to reason, humor, and action. Totally unpredictable, but always adorable... expect them to be loveable, shy, rowdy, or reserved as they begin to explore the world around them... here one minute and gone the next! What a precious time this becomes as the prospect of Kindergarten looms, and you realize that your baby has now graduated to the next stage of development; Toddler.


Age 18 months: Although on the way to becoming a completely independent little person, a toddler of 18 months is still grasping onto Mom with one hand while reaching for the future with the other.


Age three years: This time in a child's life is the beginning of a learning adventure that is so fun to watch. Children are playful and love make-believe and games. Pastels or bright colors set the stage for a magically fun portrait that would be perfect for your child's bedroom decor.


We could never have loved the earth so well if we had had no childhood in it. ~George Eliot


Stage 3...Childhood

Childhood encompasses a time of intense change as school now comes into play. These are some of the most enjoyable times as we see our children learn the fundamentals of reading, writing and social skills. We can now communicate on a more mature level, and mood swings become less frequent.

Age four years: Mesmerized by their world, the four year old is verbal, active, and like a sponge, soaking up every second of life. Wanting to please their parents is the goal at this age, and if they can get a laugh every so often, they are content.


Age five years: Many changes take place in a child's life, but none so drastic as losing their teeth. Faces lose their babyish look and elongate, and you realize that your toddler is now a child! Just as the six-month portrait captures the essence of babyhood, this age displays forever the engaging charm of childhood.


Age seven years: During this period, the snaggly-tooth age ends and permanent teeth emerge to change the facial contours. A developing mind reveals a more mature, inquiring look. Now off to school and making their way in the world... There is so much to learn!


Stage 4...Youth

Youth can also be termed the pre-teen years when everything in the household can seem like it has been turned upside down. These years are the beginning of the breaking away from the family to establish an identity, but at the core, they still need hugs, kisses and praise. Enjoy this precious time for it is fleeting!




Lifestyle Sessions

These sessions are most often outdoor portraits. They are laid back and fun so that you and your family’s personalities truly shine!



Medium to dark clothes look the best on dark backgrounds.

Medium to light colors look the best on lighter colored backgrounds.

Earth tones are best for outdoor portraits.

Traditional styles will stand the test of time and keep your portrait looking fresh for years to come.

Some poses will show your shoes so don't forget to consider your shoes & socks when selecting an outfit to wear.

Busy patterns and loud colors can be distracting. Large & bold patterns tend to draw attention away from the face.

Except, of course, outfits for fun ... matching PJs for example, costumes created for a special occasion, etc.

When striving to create a successful family portrait, the efforts to achieve harmony in clothing will pay the biggest dividends in the quality of your finished portraits. Here are my recommendations:

Choose SOLID COLORED, non-trendy clothing. Small patterns of muted or harmonious colors are okay.

Keep the TONAL RANGE (lightness or darkness) consistent throughout the group. Choose either medium to light tones, or medium to dark tones, for all the people in the group. If you have 9 people wearing dark colors and one person dresses in white, guess where the eye will go.

It's also important to try to achieve COLOR HARMONY in the portrait. The same rule applies to choice of colors - if everyone is in cool colors and one person is in red, they get all the visual attention. The best choices for colors are neutral to cool colors (blues, grays, greens, browns, earthy colors, etc.) and to try to avoid "hot" colors such as red, orange, yellow, mustard, etc. Please understand that these are just guidelines - an entire family dressed in red could look very good. Discuss your clothing ideas with us.

Clothing STYLE should also been considered. A group dressed in formal clothes with one person in blue jeans may not be as successful.


Props can help to reflect the personalities of your children. We would be happy to discuss your ideas with you and may have the props here at the studio. Here are some ideas to consider:

  • Musical Instrument
  • Hats
  • Sports Equipment
  • Stuffed Animals
  • Sunglasses
  • Pets (housebroken & friendly, please)
  • Wagon, tricycle, child's tea set, rocking horse, quilt

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